WriterAccess Review

I used WriterAccess for the first time today and almost immediately ran into problems. Is there any content writing service that isn’t painful to use?

WriterAccess – http://www.writeraccess.com/
Service: WriterAccess says “Get your marketing right. Hire great writers.”
My rating: ⭐
Summary: Let’s do the numbers, shall we? To register you need to deposit $50. The problem is that they don’t have 24/7 service. They only have support from 9 AM to 6 PM EST. That’s nine hours out of 24. So for those 15 hours when they aren’t around, there is no one to verify your account therefore you are left sitting in front of your computer with egg on your face, your wallet lighter but your needs unsatisfied.

I still need content written for the website I am going to publish next month. I decided to try out WriterAccess since someone people mentioned them in one of the forums I use.

Registering on their website as a client requires an upfront $500 deposit that you can use for future orders. No problem since they use paypal and I do need content right away.

Their interface was a bit hard to use. Instead of allowing me to just write what I want to get, they have all sorts of forms that use radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown boxes, etc. Er, I prefer to just have a nice blank box there where I can write a short (or long) description of what I need.

Honestly, at first I was pleased but as I scrolled down, more and more and more forms appeared. It was shocking.

There were forms for:

Basic Information
Approval Time
Eligible Freelancers
Add Ons
Company Information
Target Audience
Tone of Writing
Narrative Voice
Style Elements
Formatting Options
Things to Mention
Things to Avoid
Sourcing Requirements
Instruction Setup
SEO Keywords
Max Word Count
Upload New Files
Attach from File Library
Order Launch Date
Writer Attribution
Flexible Delivery

You can view some of the forms here to get an idea of what it’s like.

I think most people will agree that this is an overwhelming amount of forms to look over and use. I mean, why is it so complicated? Here are two examples:

writeraccess order

This is the first screen where you can select the product type, industry, quality, quantity, number of words, and incentive.

WriterAccess review

But okay, they want me to fill that stuff out. I did it. I was finally able to submit an order.

I waited a few minutes and I achieved great success right away! Two people applied. Looks like all that trouble I went through was totally worth it since I got writers applying for the job immediately. Yes!

Then disaster struck. When I logged in, I got this error screen.

WriterAccess problem

By the way, I did not receive any email asking for a confirmation or anything. As a matter of fact, what I did get was an email that said “Thank you for signing up at WriterAccess! You can log into your private dashboard at: http://www.writeraccess.com/login/”

Um but when I login it says I can’t because my account isn’t verified. 😥

I am right now sitting here waiting. The WriterAccess support team should be online in ten hours. ❗

I will update this when they send a reply.

Update: 22 hours later, when I woke up they had verified my account. I can now log into my account. However, a new problem has arisen: the writer who initially took my order is now “unavailable.” So I have to start again from scratch.

writer access order discarded

Good grief!

I restarted and while I was at it, I added one more order. It seems that they do have a simplified order form. This time I used that to just copy and paste my instructions. The two orders were sent as a “casting call” (i.e. asking all the writers if they want to write this) and someone responded. I accepted their offer.

At least… I think I did? This is the status after I accepted.

writeraccess confusing dashboard

I am confused.

So the order is still open? Can other writers still apply for this? Shouldn’t the status be “working on it” or “in progress” because “open” would mean that it’s still open for other writers? I just don’t get why the dashboard is so hard to use.


I got an email about a free book (a physical book, not an ebook) that I can get from WriterAccess. Cool. All I have to do is to confirm my mailing address by clicking on a link in the email. Sadly, when I click on the link what I get is a 404 not found error page.

WriterAccess free book

A free book offer from WriterAccess

writeraccess 404 errror

Can’t get the book since the sign up page is a 404 error


Textbroker Review

Textbroker is a well-known name in content writing services. Unfortunately, although I initially had a very good impression of them, I ultimately failed in getting content services.

Textbroker Review

Textbroker – https://www.textbroker.com/
Service: Textbroker claims to deliver “high-quality content – simply, quickly, and at competitive pricing.”
My rating: ⭐
Summary: Although my initial order was good and I was pleased with the results, a big problem cropped up later.
Status: Not using Textbroker after that fiasco.

My first order was simple to create and I got the article back quickly, too. It was pretty good.

textbroker international review

In fact, I had no complaints whatsoever. So yesterday when I needed content, I turned to textbroker. I deposited $100 via paypal and created six new orders. I wanted to test out their various star ratings so I made orders (2 each) for 2,3, and 4 star writers.

However, after I had submitted the orders, I noticed that they showed an abnormal status: “TB verifies.” I googled a bit and found that TB verifies new orders. Oh? I have found a serious delay in getting content! Beware of this if you have a deadline. I had been working after office hours so I just gave up on them calling me that night. I went to bed and waited. And waited.

TB is located in Las Vegas and New York. I waited the whole morning (their morning, not mine) but no one contacted me. 😦

At around noon (Las Vegas time) I used their live chat support. It’s a little popup box in the right lower corner of the TB website.

textbroker review

What? I talked to two different people at TB and they both said the same thing.

textbroker ID verification

Wow, it seems that I had run into a serious problem. They wanted my selfie. Now this is a tough question for me to answer: to send them my selfie or not. I’m thinking . . . NOT!

I mean, seriously? I have to send a selfie for them to accept me as a client? Is this a dating site? You know, it’s not like I was even presentable at the time. It would take like two hours of primping to even make myself look halfway decent. *le sigh*

I’m sorry, Textbroker, but this is where we must parts ways.

It seems that I am not the only one who found this rather suspicious as if you google “textbroker passport” or “textbroker driver’s license” you get quite a few results. For example, there is “Textbr0kers.c0m – Are you kidding me?? EPIC FAIL.” Some writers at the Work at Home Mom forums also said they were asked for ID.

Conclusion: If you want to use Textbroker then you will have to prettify yourself first since you will be sending a selfie to their customer support staff. I would personally give them a miss. Not worth it.