Textbroker Review

Textbroker is a well-known name in content writing services. Unfortunately, although I initially had a very good impression of them, I ultimately failed in getting content services.

Textbroker Review

Textbroker – https://www.textbroker.com/
Service: Textbroker claims to deliver “high-quality content – simply, quickly, and at competitive pricing.”
My rating: ⭐
Summary: Although my initial order was good and I was pleased with the results, a big problem cropped up later.
Status: Not using Textbroker after that fiasco.

My first order was simple to create and I got the article back quickly, too. It was pretty good.

textbroker international review

In fact, I had no complaints whatsoever. So yesterday when I needed content, I turned to textbroker. I deposited $100 via paypal and created six new orders. I wanted to test out their various star ratings so I made orders (2 each) for 2,3, and 4 star writers.

However, after I had submitted the orders, I noticed that they showed an abnormal status: “TB verifies.” I googled a bit and found that TB verifies new orders. Oh? I have found a serious delay in getting content! Beware of this if you have a deadline. I had been working after office hours so I just gave up on them calling me that night. I went to bed and waited. And waited.

TB is located in Las Vegas and New York. I waited the whole morning (their morning, not mine) but no one contacted me. 😦

At around noon (Las Vegas time) I used their live chat support. It’s a little popup box in the right lower corner of the TB website.

textbroker review

What? I talked to two different people at TB and they both said the same thing.

textbroker ID verification

Wow, it seems that I had run into a serious problem. They wanted my selfie. Now this is a tough question for me to answer: to send them my selfie or not. I’m thinking . . . NOT!

I mean, seriously? I have to send a selfie for them to accept me as a client? Is this a dating site? You know, it’s not like I was even presentable at the time. It would take like two hours of primping to even make myself look halfway decent. *le sigh*

I’m sorry, Textbroker, but this is where we must parts ways.

It seems that I am not the only one who found this rather suspicious as if you google “textbroker passport” or “textbroker driver’s license” you get quite a few results. For example, there is “Textbr0kers.c0m – Are you kidding me?? EPIC FAIL.” Some writers at the Work at Home Mom forums also said they were asked for ID.

Conclusion: If you want to use Textbroker then you will have to prettify yourself first since you will be sending a selfie to their customer support staff. I would personally give them a miss. Not worth it.